Call me a Liberal

They received the word with all readiness of mind, and search the scriptures daily, whether those things were so. (Acts 17:11)

Last Saturday I went to a Bible study at a “liberal” Baptist church, the kind I wouldn’t have set foot in a few years ago. I was surprised by what I found. They actually studied the Bible! I mean they really studied it. With commentaries lying open on the tables and hearts open before God, they searched the scriptures, asking hard questions and making life-changing applications. I was impressed that these folks, who don’t believe the Bible fell directly from heaven in its present form, took the text so seriously. In their worship they use the Revised Common Lectionary, read three passages of scripture from the pulpit every Sunday, and base their sermons on one or more of those texts. Theological conservatives could learn much from this purposeful, serious approach to the scriptures, whether or not they feel comfortable with a lectionary.

Liberal is not a term I feel comfortable applying to myself (yet). But if what I saw last Saturday was a liberal approach to the Bible, then, please, call me a liberal.



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3 responses to “Call me a Liberal

  1. Amy Phillips

    My dear son-in-law, you are not a liberal. You are an opened minded thinker, which is a good thing. Love you.

  2. Jim Somerville

    Travis! Thanks for re-directing me to your new blog site. I love the story of your visit with those pesky Bible-reading liberals! I think I’m one of those, too. I love the Bible, but instead of asking the question, “Did it really happen this way?” I try to ask, “What on earth is God trying to say?” If the Bible really is the Word of God (and I believe it is), it means that God wants us to hear what he’s saying, doesn’t it? Sometimes we get so caught up in defending the truth of Scripture we drown out God’s voice with our own angry rhetoric.

  3. The label “liberal” has been hijacked; just like “fundamentalist” was. Toss the terms and titles, just trust and obey.

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