Wish List

Saturday is my birthday. You might be tempted to buy me a Barnes & Noble gift card, because you know how much I love books (I do, I do). But just in case you’re wondering what I really want, I’ll tell you.

I want all of our troops to come home and our planes to stop bombing Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Lybia. I want our government to stop borrowing money from China to wage war in the Middle East and North Africa. If we’re going to borrow billions from Chinese Communists, could we spend it on providing clean water, food, medicine, and adequate housing for all who don’t have those things? I want to put a stop to exploitative child labor and sex trafficking. I want all women to receive equal pay for equal work without having to sue Wal-Mart to get it. I want everyone to have the opportunity to learn how to read and to believe whatever they want without fear of persecution. I want all people to hear that God loves them and sent his son Jesus to die for them.

These are just a few of the things on my birthday wish list. But if you can’t get me any of them, I’ll still take the Barnes & Noble gift card.



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2 responses to “Wish List

  1. jodi

    Happy Birthday, JT. 🙂

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