There’s a pond near my church at the bottom of the hill behind the cemetery. It’s quite an ordinary pond except that a pair of Canadian Geese seems to live there. I never paid much attention to the pond until I started taking walks through the cemetery and noticed the sound of flowing water. Curious, I investigated. At the end of an ancient stone wall about thirty yards from the pond is a culvert where water flows from the pond into a tiny creek. There’s a foot bridge I never noticed before, because it’s sheltered by trees and lies just out of sight from the road that loops through the cemetery. It’s a peaceful and beautiful spot. On Sunday morning I asked a man who has lived in town all his life where the little creek goes. “It flows into Wankopin Creek,” he said.

“Where does Wankopin Creek go?’ I asked.

“It flows into Goose Creek.” 

“And where does Goose Creek go?” 

“It flows into the Potomac River.” 

I know the Potomac River flows into the Chesapeake Bay and the Chesapeake Bay into the Atlantic Ocean. Suddenly the ordinary little pond behind my church seemed impressive, not because of what it is in itself but because it flows into the ocean. It’s the same way with our lives.

Our lives seem ordinary and unimportant until you realize that they flow into God. God is both the source and destination of our existence. No one whose life begins and ends in God can be commonplace. We are all extraordinary. I wonder how we would live our lives if we kept this in mind. 



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4 responses to “Ordinary

  1. That’s a beautiful metaphor!

  2. JimT

    Beautiful, especially the final paragraph. Truth.

  3. Thank you, Kristi and Jim, for your comments and your friendship!


    Thanks, I needed that.

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