Most Recently Viewed:

  • Dunkirk poster Dunkirk (2017, historical drama)
  • Loving poster.jpg Loving (2017, historical drama)

My Favorite Films

  1. images Babette’s Feast (1988, foreign, Danish)
  2. my_fair_lady My Fair Lady (1964, musical)
  3. affair An Affair to Remember (1957, romance)
  4.  Inn of the Sixth Happiness (1958, drama)
  5. cyrano_de_bergerac_ver2 Cyrano (1990, foreign, French)
  6. a-man-for-all-seasonsA Man for All Seasons (1966, drama)
  7. simple life Simple Life (2011, drama)
  8.  Mary and Max (2009, Australian, Drama/Comedy)
  9. Fill_the_Void_(2012_film)  Fill the Void (2012, Israel, Drama)
  10.  Nowhere in Africa (2002, foreign, German)
  11. onceposter Once (2007, musical, drama)
  12. ns_the_girl_in_the_cafe_01 The Girl in the Cafe (2005, drama, romance)
  13. persepolis Persepolis (2007, animation, drama)

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